Higher Education Information Program Envisaged on Down’s syndrome –About Genetics and Medical History

Down syndrome is a dreadful genetic disorder, especially for the kid who has whole life in front of him or her. In such a scenario the society around which such kids grow should be responsible. By society it means that parents and the peer should be playing a matured role. Down syndrome kids have to otherwise suffer a great deal of humiliation, and considering their very situation, such kids feel more intense loss than an average normal human being.


It is a great irony that people always do menial things to those who suffer. They are least concerned about how to treat problem children. Therefore, social concerns while addressing kids with Down syndrome becomes the thing of utmost importance. Whether it is education, or living general life, kids suffering from Down syndrome need the support always and at every point of time. This support should either come from the society in general, or parents in particular. There are many historical evidences where kids suffering from Down syndrome have made their presence in different fields and area of activity. They have earned good acclaims and were given due recognition for their work. But, all this can only happen, if the society becomes responsive. Parents should remain concerned about such children, and do not ignore them for the abnormality in which their kids have no genuine role to play.

People and societies who have been associated with Down syndrome for many years now strongly believe that kids suffering from extra X chromosome disorder need parental support, society support and educational support during the early up bringing. All this support is necessary to develop their skills and awareness about the environment in which they live and interact.

Social welfare groups on Down syndrome are operating across the world that is working for the cause of people suffering from Down syndrome. National Association for Down syndrome is amongst the first known organizations; is doing a lot for the people suffering from Down syndrome. Similarly, National Down Syndrome Congress, the first truly national organization of its kind and working in the U.S., is also playing important role in the developing behavior of children and people suffering from Down syndrome

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