Employment Prospects For The Class Of 2017

What do graduates from the class of 2017 need to know about landing a job after school? How much competition for the jobs available are they going to face?

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder recently revealed that only 44 percent of employers plan recruit new college grads. This is almost the same number as last year, even slightly higher (43 percent of employers said the same thing in 2016). But this still much lower than the 79 percent of companies that hired new college graduates in 2014.

Among those hiring new graduates, 21 percent they need more employees this year than last. And 16 percent will offer larger entry-level salaries than they did in 2016.


This years grads will definitely compete for jobs in a way that previous classes didnt, but employers are at least approaching the hiring season with more attractive intentions than they did last year.

Roughly one-third of all employers will be offering salaries less than $30,000. About the same fraction will make offers of up to $40,000, and almost one out of every five employers will make offers higher than $40,000.

How do you beef up your resume? Sixty-two percent of employers are looking for internships, while half will consider some kind of part-time work experience in another related field. Volunteer work, class work and involvement in student organizations are still important to employers.

Employers are looking for applicants who seem to fit nicely with the company culture, are able to bring up bright ideas and ask good questions, have a strong educational background, are enthusiastic, and appear to be prepared during the interview.

College hiring is definitely going to be higher this year for new grads, so theres really a lot of good reasons to celebrate!

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