College Admissions

There are many pieces to the college admissions puzzle that involve: searching for colleges, writing personal essays, filling out applications and finally awaiting admission. While often overlooked, among the more important pieces to completing this puzzle is the campus visit.


Be Prepared!!

Preparation is a key factor in a successful college application process, whether it is: for class; appointments with your advisor, or in meetings with professors in the future. HES ensures that as students enter high school, they are afforded the ability to tour college campuses to prepare them for the next 4 years of their lives. This time is a critical stage in a student’s life- years that dictate which universities they will be accepted to; which professional passions will be awakened, paths taken, and jobs earned after completing one of the most important milestones of their adult careers.

The Chief Aspects of college life include students’ social life and campus activities, academic courses offered, their faculty’s individual strengths, campus facilities as well as the off campus community. HES’ mission is to introduce all aspects of college life to prospective students seeking higher education.

When we are there for those in need, we contribute to a community of caring that extends far beyond the boundaries of our own existence. Generously sharing our time and expertise gives us a sense of satisfaction about our ability to help lessen the burden of others. Just as we are blessed to be the recipients of generosity during our life journey, we can repay the kindness by sharing our knowledge with others. When we understand that someone with more experience and knowledge than we have can help accelerate our learning curve and give us a nudge in the right direction, we can play the role of mentor for others. This positive energy will come back to us in the form of other mentors the next time we are in need of guidance.

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