Big Resume Mistakes

Your college life isnt the be-all and end-all of your life. Real life starts after graduation and succeeding in your chosen career starts with writing a good resume.


Its really tough to keep your resume error-free. But we have to be careful with what we put in there because these tiny mistakes can tell potential employers that we are careless, sloppy, and lazy. Its often a good idea that after we spell-check our resumes we ask a friend to give it a once over so that they may spot errors we missed earlier.

But listed below are the biggest gaffes we can make with our resumes that we really have to look out for:

1. Careless Mistakes

Keep in mind that spell check will not be able to detect all errors you might make when you write that resume. We often miss out words that are correctly spelled out (and thus, missed by spell check) but are used erroneously. Or we might even have spelling mistakes with our names. Thats definitely not a good way to represent ourselves. Also make sure that if you are applying for a nursing job, your resume does not say you want a post as a security manager.

Be sure to spell out the name of the company you want to join correctly and check that it is the right company name, not the competitors. In other words, pay attention to every detail of your resume. Proofread it a few times, then have someone else do it again for you.

2. Giving out too much

Do you really need to state that your college GPA was 2.0? Or that you are currently serving time for theft? You also dont need to put down your Social Security number or say that you were fired from your last job.

Include only information that actually contribute to how you can sell your image. The resume is just a piece of paper that will hopefully get you the interview. You will have an opportunity to give your potential employer the whole picture when you actually get interviewed.

3. Unprofessional resumes

Theres no need for a glamour photo in your resume if youre looking for an administrative assistants job. And it doesnt help to have an email address like

The cover letter is a cover letter. Dont try to ram in all the details of your resume into it. You have to be clear about the image you are trying to project to your recruiter. Make sure everything in the resume comes across correctly and is consistent with how you want to be viewed.