Soar High with Multiple Career Opportunities in the Aviation Sector

Many dream from childhood to be a part of the Aviation Industry. The same can be attributed to the way this industry is been perceived by everyone, that of one with exuberance, glamour, global, sophisticated, fast, exciting, good remunerations  & one of the few industries which had round the clock operations in the country.

Aviation Industry till the early 2000 was perceived only for the rich. In 2010 only 1% of the Indian population was travelling by Air. With the popularity of low cost carriers, the growth shot up to 2.5% in 2016 and with this, Aviation industry has started making its way to the masses of the country.


With the growth in India economy and in the Indian Travel and Tourism industry, air traffic is expected to grow at an estimated 18% annually. With privatization of Airports, Government is also keen to step up airport infrastructure by setting up more regional and larger airports. The growth in cargo operations in India, International & Domestic Airlines adding their routes in the country, rapid growth in the business aviation segment & FDI norms to provide the imputes the sector requires, Aviation looks to be one of the most promising Industries.

Scope of Career Growth in the Aviation Sector:

Airbus & Boeing and other aircrafts manufacturers cannot take their eyes off India. Aviation Industry in India has placed one of the biggest orders for aircrafts globally.  With such rapid expansion, there is a need for skilled human resource in the Industry. Aviation is estimated to add an estimated 100,000 direct jobs by 2015.

Earlier the Industry was broadly defined by Airlines & Airports and the various government bodies. With the expansion in the aviation sector Airlines have opted to outsource more of their ground operations to specialized entities called Ground Handling Agencies. The Industry offers various opportunities as Pilots, Cabin Crew, Customer Service Agents, Engineers, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME), Cargo Agents, Ramp Agents, Security, Airline BPO & Back offices.

With the privatization and expansion of Airports & subsequent opening of large number of retail outlets in order to improve the customer experience, there has been an increase in the hiring’s by Airports & Retailers.

To become a pilot you require a min 10+2 (with Math & Physics) & need to undergo a Commercial Pilot License Course. For Cabin Crew, Ground Staff, Cargo, Ramp Agents & Airline BPO the minimum qualification is 10+2 in any stream with good communication skills & a pleasing personality. A course from any recognized Aviation Institutes, in the above respective areas will help them prepare for their careers. To become an AME one needs to undergo a licensed program from DGCA approved aviation schools for 3 yrs.

Guidance to Right Career Choice:

In Aviation industry the skill sets can be broadly defined into three categories i.e People Handling (Passengers), Machine Handling (Planes & Equipments) & Facility Handling (Airport Infrastructure, Baggage Handling)

If you have the passion for machines (either operating or opening) then Pilots, AME’s & Ground Support Equipment Operators is the way for you. However if you are having good situational handling skills and enjoy handling scenarios involving people then Cabin Crew,  Customer Service Agents , BPO etc. If your interest lies in managing large & small facilities, goods & ensuring that they are secure then Security, Cargo and Maintenance Management is the way for you in the Industry.